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La Memoire is a handcrafted keepsake to commemorate the lovely bond formed between the child and the mother during breastfeeding. We are experts in making the keepsake jewellery out of breast milk by infusing a few drops of breast milk into your gold, silver or silver gold jewelry to create a personalized memento. Let us immortalize this wonderful memory of love into wearable jewellery crafted using precious metals. 

Breast Milk Jewellery By LA Memoire
Breast Milk Jewellery By LA Memoire

We all know that our journey of being a mother is truly a blessing in disguise where it can be the best part of life to cherish the moments with our little munchkins for an entire lifetime. At La Memoire we don’t only just create breast milk keepsakes but we also craft DNA jewellery as well. 

Maybe you wish to have your dear loved one close to you for a prolonged time, maybe you want a reminder of recollecting your journey how it has looked like, or maybe you want your baby’s umbilical cord, baby hair and baby nails close to your heart where you carry the never – ending love for your children.

Jewellery made with a hair strand and a piece of umbilical cord

Baby’s delicate hair strands along with the fragments of preserved umbilical cord can make stunning additions to your La Memoire pearls. These can be treasured souvenirs, kept by mothers since the aurora of time, adding a personal touch and a subtle uniqueness to your gold, silver or silver gold jewellery. Hair strands and the umbilical cord can also be included in the pearls, with no breast milk according to your preference.

Jewellery made with a hair strand and a piece of umbilical cord

Our engraved necklaces and bracelets give you a complete touch to the collection and make you think far beyond motherhood. We can customize your piece of jewellery with a personalized engraving as per your choice. The smooth surface can be of elegant bars or round discs which is perfect for an initial, name, date, handprint, fingerprint, footprint of your cute baby, child’s drawing, sound waves graphic representation, motto or simply a photo.

Perfect Pearls

We uniformly structure the pearls with an intense shine by not requiring any additional lacquer or polishing.

Flawless Designs

We can assure you that our advanced processing technology makes pearls free from air bubbles and discolouration.

Quality materials

We make milky jewelleries from genuine gold or sterling silver and plated with a choice of 24-carat gold, silver or silver gold.

Make & Take Sessions

We adopt procedures using the innovative techniques by crafting the jewellery on spot where you can get it from us immediately after curating it with love.

Customized with precision and care

We craft your jewellery by combining remarkable artistry with modern technology

Exceptional composition

We make you outstanding with a modern look or a more traditional style, using our timeless designs to ensure you are in fashion.

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