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Best Breast Milk Jewellery Companies

Breast milk jewellery features an accent stone or piece at the centre which is filled with a mother’s breast milk. Though the trend is getting popular, it’s becoming widespread with a handful of brands to showcase the selling of breast milk jewellery collections to commemorate the beautiful journey of the mothers.

The best breast milk jewellery companies add a touch of shimmer for a glittery finish whereas some have the taste of a creamy finish depending on the preference of the customers. It captures the essence of motherhood with an idea of memorializing the special bond between mom and the baby.

How is breast milk preserved to make these pieces of jewellery?

The thing to remember is that each jewellery artist has their own way of making these ornaments. But generally, in the preservation process, two tablespoons of breast milk is poured into a ziplock bag and shipped to the jewellery artist.

The 5 best breast milk jewellery companies

Some of the 5 best breast milk jewellery companies are listed below:

La Memoire

La Memoire enhances the glimpse of your jewellery by being the best breast milk jewellery companies to handcraft your keepsakes and commemorate the lovely bond between the child and the mother during the journey of breastfeeding. They are experts in infusing a few drops of breast milk in making the customized keepsake jewellery by using gold, silver or silver gold jewellery to create a personalized memento.

Each and every piece of jewellery gives a complete touch with their masterpiece work to make you think far beyond motherhood. They use the perfect pearls, quality materials and flawless designs with an exceptional composition making them the unique, exclusive and the best breast milk jewellery companies in TamilNadu.

Momma’s Milky Love

Momma’s Milky Love is the best breast milk jewellery companies where they manufacture the jewelleries with a sentimental value for first-time mothers. They have a beautiful concept which is wonderful and touching. It is genetically love-laced jewellery to commemorate the bond between every mother and baby in their incredible journey. It is a special reminder for their customers as they give a complete finish with a classic setting.  

They make you look graceful, consistent in their lightness, and definitely captures everyone’s eye with their extraordinary form of design and elegant packing.

Breastmilk Memoriez

Breastmilk Memoriez with utmost care, clear understanding and precision works hard to modify your precious breast milk besides keepsakes into wonderful jewellery. This best breast milk jewellery companies is made entirely by hand. They make sure the jewellery purchased from here is of highest quality.

They use the best available tools and devices, monitor quality at every stage of the production process to obtain an end result of making your jewellery dazzle you from the very first moment you get to see it. It helps you to cherish the treasured memories for many years to come.

The Liquid Pearl

The Liquid Pearl creates passion for the young ladies who wish to craft their special keepsakes that lasts for a lifetime by being the best breast milk jewellery companies. They add a perfect combination of beauty, elegance and enhance beautiful memories between the mother and the child. Each jewellery is handcrafted to add glimpse to capture the eye with their extraordinary design.

These personalized breast milk really makes a gorgeous addition to the growing collection of breast milk jewelleries for their clients.

Breastmilk Jewellery by Iraivizs

At Breastmilk jewellery by Iravi you get to select your inclusions and colours for a fully personalized keepsakes as this is one of the best breast milk jewellery companies. It helps you create a memory and helps you cherish it for lifetime, setting beautiful milestones for making the motherhood feel so special by creating more elegant designs with the precious jewels you get to wear.

They are popular for their amazing collections to make the process super easy in the breast milk jewellery makings for a fully customised keepsake.

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