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breastmilk jewelley online

There is nothing much happier for a woman than becoming a mother. The touch of the baby, its tiny eyes, legs, and hands, all these special moments obviously heal a mother’s heart. Even before delivering the baby, a new mom can feel every movement of the baby from her ovary by completely falling in love with the child. It is also a known fact that only a mother loves a child without seeing. 

Additionally, breast milk jewellery celebrates the bond of mother and newborn child. There are many personalized breast milk jewellery online featuring your child’s name with numerous keepsakes, just like the breast milk keepsake ring, pendant, earrings, etc. that honour your status as a mother. Furthermore, there is no comparison of any other silver, gold and diamond jewellery with breast milk jewellery and also it can’t show the essence of motherhood.

Benefits of Buying Breast Milk Jewellery Online

With the advancement of the internet, every business has completely changed the landscape of business through a digital transformation including jewellery. While customers globally have gotten more comfortable buying other products like books, appliances, gadgets, clothing and much more, many others are still worried about buying precious jewellery online.

If you are one of those who wish to purchase breast milk jewellery online, this article will guide you on how you should buy them by throwing some light on the benefits of buying mothers milk jewellery online.


The most obvious benefit of buying breast milk jewellery online is convenience. Buying from home makes it easy to shop at your flexible time without the hassle of driving down to a jewellery store in traffic, finding a parking lot, etc.

The shops also tend to be crowded during peak hours or special occasions to check the designs peacefully and make an informed decision about the jewellery that suits your requirements.

Buying online solves all these problems as you can browse at leisure and spend as much time as you want in choosing or customizing the designs.


You may like a design, but if you think it’s too expensive to purchase, you can customize the same design as per your requirement only by purchasing it online.

On the other hand, a physical store with static inventory cannot customize the choice of jewellery or keepsake as per your requirements.

Safety and Privacy

Buying breast milk jewellery online gives you privacy and hence only you and your family will know and decide what you buy.

The online breast milk jewellery stores offer safe delivery of goods at your doorstep with reasonable prices and hence the safety risk is low.

Latest Designs and Transparency

You get to experience a wide range of collections to choose from shops online. Also, shopping for breast milk jewellery online not only offers a wider range of collections but also provides updated pricing and the latest designs.

Besides that, you get to know more about the product description including the quality or purity of the metal used, cut off the precious stone, type of setting, etc.

Assured Quality with a Variety of Payment Options

Acquiring breast milk jewellery online aids in assured quality which cannot be expected in your neighbourhood store.

Buying mothers milk jewellery is made easy in an online store as they accept a wide variety of payment options including debit cards, credit cards, and net banking. 


Jewellery gifting is one of the most popular gifts in India irrespective of any occasion. The stores which provide customers to purchase breast milk jewellery online offer this benefit by which you can send a gift to your loved ones sitting in any corner of the world.

You can choose the type of product you wish to gift, pay online and get it delivered for the occasion, just with a few clicks.

Customer Service

After-sales service is one of the key aspects of purchasing breast milk jewellery online. They have a dedicated customer support team to assist you and provide a solution at the earliest in case of any trouble with the purchase. 

Also, they aid you with precautionary measures regarding how to handle the jewellery for long-lasting life. More importantly, you don’t have to walk to the store to sort out your issue. Instead, you can raise your complaint and resolve the issue through an online chat or phone call.

La Memoire – The Best Breast Milk Jewellery Online

The most important milestones in a mother’s life include childbirth, breastfeeding and child-rearing. Capturing the beauty of the bond between a mother and a child is one of the best ways to show love, gratitude, and appreciation for the contribution that will stay unrivalled. 

Purchasing breast milk jewellery online is going to be undoubtedly the best gift from husband to wife, from mother to mother, or from mother to newborn child to love and cherish this jewel. At La Memoire, we ensure to make mothers milk jewellery long-lasting, and customizable which can be easily handed down to the future generation.

Exclusive Collections at La Memoire

At La Memoire, we have exclusive collections of breast milk jewellery online to make you think a lot further and create a personalized memento with our outstanding designs. Our breast milk jewellery price depends on crafting your jewellery by combining remarkable artistry with the latest technology.

We are equipped with flawless designs by offering the best breast milk jewellery price in the market as mentioned below:

  • The price range for Engravings is from Rs.1750 – Rs.134,574.37
  • The price range for Charms is Rs.6000
  • The price range for Lockets is from Rs. 6000 – Rs.50,233.23
  • The price range for Earrings is from Rs. 5500 – Rs. 32,799.59
  • The price range for Necklace Pendants is from Rs. 4500 – Rs.50,233.23
  • The price range for Bracelets is from Rs. 7000 – Rs.23,847.18
  • The price range for Rings is from Rs. 4300 – Rs. 50,233.23
  • The price range for Cord is from Rs. 2500 – Rs. 38,694.36
  • The price range for Keepsakes is from Rs. 3250 – Rs.5000

You can experience with us by purchasing the breast milk jewellery online as each one of them is a masterpiece which is designed highly exclusive with a 100% guaranteed product.

Final Thoughts

Now you will be familiar with the fact that the mothers milk jewellery glorifies the mother’s breastfeeding journey. Make this journey even more special and unique by celebrating motherhood and capturing her contribution in life by gifting her. 

So, if you are looking to buy breast milk jewellery online to keep your own memories of breastfeeding close to your heart or if you are looking for a meaningful gift for a new mom, reach out to us at La Memoire as we can be your perfect choice to grace the special occasion.

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