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Breast Milk Pendant

Make Your motherhood an incredible journey!! The journey of warmth feeling and preserving the memories of your little one within your arms adorned with the best mothers milk Jewellery – A precious & valuable; breast milk pendant at La Memoire, a one-stop shop for all Breastmilk Jewellery with a wide range of all mother’s milk Jewellery, that can suit your choice and styles.

Are you a new mom nursing your baby? Then there is a suggestion, which will make you fall in love with beautiful and precious jewellery that’s called mothers milk Jewellery – A breast milk pendant – This breast milk pendant will take you to the magical world of your breastfeeding journey. Buy now here at La Memoire, the leading Breastmilk Jewelry Company in Salem. 

What is Mothers Milk Jewellery?

Mother’s milk Jewellery is also called Breastmilk jewellery. We can say this is bonding or baby keepsake valuable ornaments. A symbol of intimacy and a close relationship with you and your child during your breastfeeding journey.

A journey of priceless moments, that can be accumulated & retrieve again & again when you have a precious and treasured ornament that is called mothers milk Jewellery.

Celebrate the amazing journey accomplished as a mother wearing a unique and momentum breast milk pendant. If you want an adorable breast milk pendant, then La Memoire, a breast milk jewellery price is best for you when you are searching for an affordable one.

La Memoire offers the best and most classy Breastmilk Jewellery that can fit into a tradition of jewellery celebrating motherliness and baby keepsakes jewellery. You can keep your baby’s hair or lost teeth or your baby’s first blankets in that breast milk pendant. Every moment can relish you and your child’s priceless love and sentiments when you see that lovable milk pendant on your neck.

Why Do You Need Breastmilk Jewellery?

Breast milk jewellery Online epitomises or reflects the journey of a woman being a mother and feeding her child affectionately. To commemorate and respect her “breastfeeding journey”, La Memoire exclusively designed a breast milk pendant for the mother who nurtures & nourishes her child emotionally and intimately.

How you give, whether you pump, or nurse does not matter !! Just to honour your hard- and often painful work, La Memoire has created a unique piece of breast milk pendant that can symbolise your breastfeeding journey with great grace and happiness!!

Breast Milk Pendant

What Type of  Breastmilk Jewellery Can You Keep in Your Loved One’s Memories?

To cherish and keep your motherhood journey fresh always!! You can keep your loved one too near to your arms when you adorn with mothers milk Jewellery. That can rejuvenate your mood when you think about your kindle and think about your breastfeeding journey. Here at La Memoire, an exclusive shop for all varieties of mothers milk Jewellery, you can pick any one of them from their store as per your cost and rate.

Some Products with Breast Milk Jewellery Price at La Memoire

Necklace Pendant: – La Memoire has a wide range of breast milk pendants as per the choice and desire you can buy!! You can choose a dew drop pendant that ranges between ₹5,500.00  to ₹16,308.31 Even if you can opt for a Flying Butterfly Pendant with A Hanging Bm Full Pearl that ranges between  ₹4,700.00 to ₹27,616.62

Likewise, there are other arrays of designs available at their stores such as hanging pearl pendants, heavenly bond pendants, and mom and kid diamond finish pendants. There are a few to be named here if you want to see then you can visit their store or can surf their site: –

Earrings: – Earning is a piece of ornament that can amplify your beauty and decency at optimum level and when the ornament is made with breastmilk then it not only rejuvenates your beauty essence but also memorises your motherhood journey. Here at – La Memoire, you can find more varieties of mother’s milk earring Jewellery, that can epitomise your motherhood!! As well as your beauty!!

Some of the varieties are: –

Rings: – This piece of ornament when you wear it on your finger!! It gives an aesthetic feeling of close bonding between you and your baby, which provides a warm feeling. Here at – La Memoire, you can find more rings designs such as solid finger bands that range between ₹5,000.00  to ₹19,135.00, Together Rings ₹4,700.00 to ₹28,617.00, Two Way Customised Name and BM Ring also ranging between ₹5,100.00  to ₹24,790.00 are few.


How do you make a breast milk pendant?

Making a breast milk pendant involves the following steps:

  • Collect and preserve the breast milk
  • Mix the breast milk with resin
  • Pour the mixture into a mold
  • Allow the resin to cure
  • Remove the pendant from the mold
  • Sand and polish the pendant
  • Drill a hole for the bail
  • Attach the bail

And that’s it! With these steps, you can create a beautiful and sentimental breast milk pendant to treasure for years to come.

How long does breast milk jewelry last?

Breast milk pendent can last long if it is properly cared for and protected from damage. However, the longevity of the jewelry will depend on various factors, including the quality of the materials used, the type of jewelry, and how it is stored. Additionally, it is important to handle the jewelry gently and avoid exposing it to chemicals or other substances that could damage it. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth can help keep the jewelry looking its best.

Does breast milk jewelry turn yellow?

Yes, Breast milk pendent can turn yellow over time. This is due to a number of factors, including exposure to light, heat, and air. The yellowing of the breast milk in the jewelry is a natural process caused by the oxidation of the fats and proteins in the milk.


If you want to buy any mother milk Jewellery then, shop at La Memoire, the best shop where you can get all breastfeeding jewellery under one roof. In this, blog you can able to get the perfect idea about breastfeeding jewellery, their cost, designs, and their significance 

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