Breast Milk Jewelry Bracelet

Breastmilk Bracelet

Many keepsakes of jewelry there among them; One is a breastmilk bracelet – Which serves as a reminder of the close bonding between you and your child. This breastmilk bracelet is not only seeming to be a piece of hanging chain with a simple two-star design but also a symbol of your tremendous accomplishment of being a mother.

Importance of Breast Milk Bracelet – Why One Can Wear it!

Wearing this special – breast milk bracelet – shows mementos pride in being motherhood! And create an exceptional bonding between your child and their empathetic feeling of being a special “MOM” for your child. There are many breastmilk bracelets designs like hanging pendants, lockets, rings, or studs attached to the bracelet sophisticatedly, and lots more.

But when anyone adorns this breastmilk bracelet then it is just an exceptional one! Because it symbolises your love, affection, and care for your child doubles when your child’s name is encrypted or any special things are embedded in your breastmilk bracelet designs.

What Does Breastmilk Jewelry Look Like?

Breastmilk bracelets look typically white/cream in colour made up of gold & Silver. The jewelry will differ depending on the breast milk used. Some may look like a slight yellow hint but the craftsman here at La Memoire will design for you as per your needs and requirements and make it shinier. 

La Memoire – The Type of Breastmilk Bracelet

La Memoire is a one-stop solution offering a handcrafted keepsake breastmilk jewelry bracelet that can make your loving motherhood Journey special and amazing. The shop offers a single variety of breastmilk bracelet  including: –

The Nursing Bracelet – Bracelets with Cute Hanging Charms can be worn on the wrist. You can design it in both gold and silver. You can keep your babies such memorable things like: –

  • Cord Stump
  • Baby Hair
  • Baby Nails
Breastmilk Bracelet

Benefits of using Bracelets with Cute Hanging Charms

  • Match your outfits
  • The material is easy to wear and soft
  • Easy to flip over one-handed
  • Can fit your wrist with an adjustable band
  • Enhance your motherhood
  • Non-hypoallergic

Cost of Bracelets with Cute Hanging Charms

The cost of these Bracelets with Cute Hanging Charms – is Rs 7,000.00 to Rs 23,847.18. If anyone wants to buy, contact 99528 34664.

How Long Does Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry Last?

With proper care, you can keep the jewelry indefinitely. But of course, every ornament should be kept with great care, so only it can last forever, especially when it comes to keepsake ornaments.

It’s caring for – Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry

  • Keep in a cool, dry place – out of any direct sunlight or warm/humid environments.
  • Do not wear these pieces while showering, bathing, swimming, or using ambiances such as saunas and steam rooms.
  • Clean this jewelry; stay away from cleaning harsh chemicals and typically stick to a clean cloth.
  • Do not use any strong things that ensure it does not damage or scratch the surface of the ornaments.

These are a few steps that should be taken care of while wearing this bracelet with Cute Hanging Charms then only you can preserve your keepsake symbol for lifelong safe.

How Can You Order Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry?

1. You can order through the website and You can also directly Whatsapp us at +91919952834664.
2. Once you place an order, you will get a notification in your email with your unique order number.


What Does the La Memoire Store Need for You to Design Your Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry?

You Can Give the following things to Design Your Loved Things!

  • Breast Milk – 10 to 20 ml
  • Hair – Approximately 2 -3 cm of 20-30 strands of hair of your loved ones
  • Cord – Varies depending upon the length

How Can You Send Those Above Things to Design Your Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry?

You can send your things through courier or speed post at the address mentioned on the website page. Then after getting all your loved ones’ things the designer will start crafting your Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry.

How Can You Get Your Breast Milk Bracelets Jewelry?

You will be notified of your order process via your email with an AWB number for easy tracking. Approx it will take the ultimate 2 weeks of duration. After which you will get a message that your order is in process and within the given period your things would be reached to your given home address.


This blog is the ultimate guide on how to buy your breast milk bracelet, how to maintain it, and the cost, importance, and benefits of wearing this bracelet with Cute Hanging Charms. Read this blog to get more ideas; If you want to buy the above one to restore your motherhood journey, then contact the La Memoire store.

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