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Breast Milk Earring

Breastmilk Earrings

Breastmilk jewelry is a magnificent way to enjoy your motherhood at first steps forever! The La Memoire breastmilk earrings items are designed with the intention of a first step towards commemorating their unique moments while nursing their babies – To restore their motherhood and breastfeeding journey within a Jewellery – That is breastmilk earrings!

Nursing a child is challenging, and to cherish this moment and reward our “MOM” the La Memoire breast milk earrings hold a special place. For that reason, this one-stop shop has ventured into preserving this memory through a piece of beautiful crafting jewelry that out from your breastmilk.

Having Breastmilk Jewellery, is it Weird?

It depends upon individual thinking and thoughts, but nowadays many mothers love wearing this breast milk earring and love the idea because they know – How this breastfeeding journey for their loved ones is challenging! These breast milk jewelry earrings are a wonderful way to cherish their motherhood and breastfeeding journey forever.

These pieces of jewelry celebrate both the rewarding and challenging parts of breastfeeding. Because Breastfeeding can be easy; if one takes effort and commitment. For that why The La Memoire breast milk earrings items can allow displaying their journey with pride.

Who Buys this Breast Milk Earring?

These breastmilk earrings are purchased by the mother themselves but can also be an amazing gift presented by friends, partners, or family. Apart who are looking to give their partner a token of love in the form of a Keepsake Jewellery can also gift her, which will be a special gift ever to remember her motherhood & breastfeeding journey.

La Memoire – The Type of Breast Milk Earring

These are all types of breastmilk earring designs the ranges vary from one another. If willing to buy then contact 99528 34664.

Breastmilk Earrings

Trending Pendant and Earring: This is the total set consisting of two pairs of earnings with one slim-size chain – Great for all occasions– Can wear it for decent looks! The cost is around Rs 5,500.00 to Rs 27,297.31.

Elegant BM Full Pearl Stud Earrings: Two cute small pairs of earrings – It is full pearl studs. Gift your loved ones these elegant stud pearl earrings to make their motherhood journey memorable. The cost is around Rs 6,500.00 to Rs 32,799.59.

Hoops Earrings: – It is just a round simple ring-like shape design – You can wear them for any simple occasion or use them for daily purposes. Easy to carry very lightweight!  The cost varies from Rs 6,500.00 to Rs 30,208.10.

Round Half BM Pearl Earrings: This round simple pearl stud-like design is amazing and super! Wearing it can look stylish and modern. The cost varies from Rs 6,500.00 to Rs 21,962.46. Gift your friends, and your relatives to memorize their motherhood as their special story!

Star Stud Earrings: Very small and cute stud star-type design. Wearing it can make you look adorable. Buy from here and adorn it! The cost varies from Rs 6,500.00 to Rs 27,616.62.

You can keep your babies’ lovely things like those discussed below here: Inside your breastmilk earring

  • Cord Stump
  • Baby Hair
  • Baby Nails

Festive seasons are on now!! Christmas and new year are approaching so giving your lovely partner, friends, and relatives this unique gift can be an excellent idea! Buy now!!

How it Works – To Make Your Breast Milk Earring

Choose Your Design

All you need to do is first choose your design that fits right your style – then the craftsman here will take care of it! Then they will craft it so beautifully that we will love it to wear at first looks.

Give Your Breastmilk Kit

When you place your order, just send your breastmilk about 10 to 20ml of your breastmilk in a tight zipper or enclosed pouch with the labeling of your name, address, and phone number at our given address mentioned on the website

Treasure Your Breastmilk Jewelry

Within 12 weeks your beautiful earrings will be at your doorsteps! The unique piece of breastmilk earring will accomplish your breastfeeding journey and give scope to enjoy the lasting bond between you and your child. Be happy with your beautiful breast milk jewelry earrings and wear them—with affection, pride, and with joy.


This blog will give a clear-cut idea about your motherhood and breastfeeding journey – When you wear this beautiful piece of breast milk jewelry earrings and showcase your beauty of pride of being motherhood and a unique “MOM” to your child is exceptional. 

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