Breast Milk Keepsake Necklace

Breastmilk Jewelry Necklace

This article will give you a brief idea of preserving memories as a breastmilk Jewelry necklace. Sometimes the memories often lost in the transition from infancy and childhood to adulthood for a mother who has been breastfeeding her child for years. This blog will enlighten you with some suggestions to restore your memories by keeping them somewhere you can find them.

What is a Breast Milk Necklace?

The breastfeeding pendant necklace is a sentimental accessory that can help to memorize both moms and their children of emotional moments. As the breast milk pendant lay on the chest, it connects a deep bonding between your baby and you, that directly reflects your favorite memories through the baby’s eyes.

The breastfeeding pendant necklace is a piece of jewelry that is usually created by warming the milk in a pot over an open fire. Once it gets warmed to the temperature, then the milk got to cool down and condenses into a clear and liquid form. Then the craftsman uses that liquid to create the necklace as per the mother’s choice!

This breast milk pearl necklace is a small and unique piece of jewelry made with the mother’s breast milk. Moms are encouraged to restore their breastmilk, through their preserved milk they can make a beautiful piece of a breastfeeding pendant necklace, which they can adorn to remind their breastfeeding journey!

Breastmilk Jewelry Necklace

Why Should You Preserve Your Memories as a Breast Milk Necklace?

The mother can restore breastmilk in a piece of jewelry like a breastfeeding pendant necklace for preserving a memory for a long time. A breast milk necklace is the best medium to keep your memories alive for a lifetime as the breastmilk jewelry necklace is laid on your chest, you will have a deep emotional connection with your child.

Memories stored in the body could transit on to the next generation, and it allows your child to know who you are and could know how you brought up your kindle one to this stage going through many ups and downs during your breastfeeding journey.

Breast Milk Necklace – A Momentum to Glorify Your Motherhood Journey!

If you are searching for the best breastfeeding pendant necklace, then La Memoire is the best shop to get your breast milk pendant. If you want to buy a breastfeeding pendant necklace from any jewelry store like La Memoire is okay! Even if you can make your breast milk necklace out of paper or clay.

You can wear it for any special occasion or you can adorn it daily. Adoring the breastfeeding pendant necklace is just to preserve memories for a lifetime. Women can use their breast milk as a charm or memory, that can convey their emotional feelings towards their kindle one, whom they love the most!

Maintain Breast Milk Jewelry Properly

When you adorn this breastmilk jewelry necklace, a few things are to be noticed to enjoy your favorite part for a long time. Ensure that surface does not lose its shine, the breast milk pearl necklace should not come in contact with creams, oils, water, hairspray, perfume, and other chemical substances. These things can harm and damage the surface of the resin and thus also the breast milk jewelry.

It is also recommended not to adorn breastmilk jewelry necklaces if your body has excess sweat, which can also damage your breast milk jewelry. The jewelry should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period as it may change color. While cleaning very delicately should be handled, avoid using any blend cleaner, which can harm the jewelry.

Where to Buy Breastmilk Jewelry Necklaces?

If you searching for the best breastfeeding pendant necklace, then La Memoire is the right shop for you, where you can buy varieties of breastfeeding pendant necklaces within your cost value. This shop makes this Breast Milk Keepsake Necklace exclusively handcrafted, where they infused a few drops of breastmilk by infusing it into your gold.

In your Breast milk necklaces, you can carve your little one name to give a more emotional touch! And La Memoire is well to do that so if you want to need your little ones named craved to be on your special jewelry. Whatever choice maybe you like gold, rose gold, silver, or stainless steel, depending on your budget and preference, the online store will make it for you!

You can order online, by registering on their website or You can also directly Whatsapp us at +91919952834664

Only to make your Breast Milk Keepsake Necklace they need Breast Milk – 10 to 20ml, then their craftsman will make your jewelry as you like!


Breast milk is a valuable and blessed liquid for all mothers. Adoring it can create a special bonding with your baby & protect your child from every circumstance like from illness, and even offer protection during the difficult transition of eating solids and sleeping through the night. So, this breastfeeding pendant necklace is the best piece of jewelry to remember your breastfeeding journey and can shield your loved ones from numerous hurdles.

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