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How to Make Breast Milk Jewellery

How to Make Breast Milk Jewellery

Most of the moms commemorate their breast milk feeding journey by asking for unique pieces of jewellery made from their very own milk! Here is how to make breast milk jewellery by curating it with love and the type of jewellery you want to wear with love.

You should know that there is generally a process required on how to make breast milk jewellery – firstly, preserving your breast milk is a vital process. It can be a creative and unique way to memorialize your breast milk feeding journey. It is better to dehydrate the milk first by adding specific chemicals.

This will not allow the bacteria to grow, and moreover, it turns your breast milk into a solidified resin-like form to eventually encase it in a locket or used as beads or small “stones” in your chosen piece of jewellery.

Time to know how to make breast milk jewellery

A perfect way for mothers is to keep some of their baby’s power food which would be the food you worked incredibly hard for. Your precious liquid gold is safely preserved in a beautiful gemstone. But how does it work? How can you turn that magical liquid, which constitutes antibodies, nutrients and protein into a gemstone? and then into a piece of jewellery? Well, if you have a question on how to make breast milk jewellery, we can help you out!

Pumping the breast milk

All you need is about how to make breast milk jewellery using 5 ml of breastmilk for your jewellery piece but pump it a little ml extra just to be safe in case of any spills. It is always recommended to store the breast milk in the freezer if you are not about to start on your keepsake yet. You can freeze it for years as it will still be good to be used in breastmilk jewellery. But if you are about to start, just store it in the fridge.

The piece of jewellery itself

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To begin, all you need is to pump some of your breastmilk and store it in a storage bag preferably the breastmilk storage bag because they will be sterilized before you buy them. This prevents your breast milk from growing old over time or to go bad. If not, make sure to use any other container and sterilize it before you add the carefully pumped liquid gold to it.

The next step is that you should decide what kind of jewellery piece fits you perfectly such as pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, where you can name it. Then start thinking about the material because each jewellery piece is made with metals like silver, gold or stainless steel.

The difference is based on the quality and looks. When we talk about silver and gold metal, the purest option is to use it when it is solid which means the base material inside is similar with the outside appearance. If it’s with solid Sterling Silver .925 and for solid, it can be 14k or 18k gold, because it guarantees high quality. So, when you look for your jewellery setting, keep all this as a reminder.

Let’s pour that breastmilk

After you have decided on your jewellery setting beside the fitting mould, you can start making your gemstone. You will need a high-quality, two-part Epoxy Resin that is non-toxic and specialized for jewellery making. This can turn into a hard solid stone after 12 hours. Then as said earlier, decide on the mould which is made out of soft silicone, by which you can bend and easily pop out your finished gemstone.

For instance, if you choose a 9×11 oval-shaped gemstone, your mould also should be of the same size and shape. So, make sure to have your measurements right. You can also add mica colourants or high-quality glitters for a lovely finishing touch. To have a subtle sparkle with the breast milk look, you can go for a light pearl shimmer.

Making your own breastmilk jewellery is a process of choosing the right materials, preferably high-quality because they are a precious piece to last you a lifetime. But most importantly, make sure to preserve your breastmilk right, otherwise all your efforts on how to make breast milk jewellery will turn out to be good for nothing.

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Can I make my own breast milk jewelry?

Yes, you will know how to make breast milk jewellery. For making it you need to preserve the milk by mixing it with resin or another stabilizing agent, then pour it into a mold to set. You can also purchase premade molds and kits for making breast milk jewelry, or consider approaching a professional artist to create a custom piece.

How long does breast milk jewelry last?

The longevity of breast milk jewelry depends on several factors, including the type of material it is made of, the preservation method used, and how it is stored. You should take proper care and storage besides knowing how to make breast milk jewellery, so it can last for several years.

How is breast milk jewelry made?

Typically, to know how to make breast milk jewellery, you should have to mix the breast milk with resin or another stabilizing agent, then pour it into a mold. The mixture is then allowed to set and cure, after which the mold is removed to reveal the finished piece of jewelry.

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