Inclusion Requirements

Hi everyone! We heartily welcome you to visit us online. You can find something you like! Each keepsake you order with us is handcrafted from scratch with your preference of inclusions and is a labour of love. We would be thankful for your love, patience, and continuous support if you shop with us! Inclusion Requirements.

Please send your inclusions with Packed safely by Speed Post or Courier

Address: LA Memoire, 56 & 57 Bazaar street, Salem 636001

*Please contact us before sending in your inclusions for overseas customers.

For Breastmilk:

We require 10 to 20ml of breastmilk for making per item. If you wish to order multiple items, you can send your Breastmilk in one Breastmilk storage pouch. You needn’t separate them into pouches of 20ml. If you do not have Breastmilk storage pouches, you can replace them with old medicine bottles, or tonic bottles, etc. We strongly recommend you not to use Ziplock pouches because there is a higher chance of leakage.

For Hair: 

You have to place a lock of hair depending on the thickness of your hair (20-30 strands) and approximate length of 2-3cm preferred in an envelope. Kindly label your inclusions.Inclusion Requirements.

For Cord:

You have to send us your baby’s whole umbilical cord. We will return if there is any to you along with your completed order. DO NOT combine your order with another customer, because we will tag your order number to your inclusions to make sure that the correct inclusions are used for your entire orderInclusion Requirements.

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