Breastmilk jewelry is a magnificent way to enjoy your motherhood at first steps forever.

Breast Milk Earring

Breast Milk Earring

The La Memoire breastmilk earrings items are designed with the intention of a first step towards commemorating their unique moments while nursing their babies.  

It depends upon individual thinking and thoughts, but nowadays many mothers love wearing this breast milk earring and love the idea.

Who Buys This Breast Milk Earring?

These breastmilk earrings are purchased by the mother themselves but can also be an amazing gift presented by friends, partners, or family.

The Types Of Breast Milk Earring:

Trending Pendant and Earring.

Elegant BM Full Pearl Stud Earrings.

Hoops Earrings.

Round Half BM Pearl Earrings.

Star Stud Earrings.






This is the total set consisting of two pairs of earnings with one slim-size chain. The cost is around RS5,500.00 to Rs 27,297.31.

Trending Pendant and Earring: 

Elegant BM Full Pearl Stud Earrings: 

Two cute small pairs of earrings. The cost is around RS 6,500.00 to Rs 32,799.59. 

Hoops Earrings:  

It is just a round simple ring-like shape design. The cost varies from Rs6,500.00 to Rs30,208.10.

This round simple pearl stud-like design is amazing and super.  The cost varies from Rs 6,500.00 to Rs 21,962.46. 

Round Half BM Pearl Earrings: 

Star Stud Earrings: 

Very small and cute stud star-type design. Wearing it can make you look adorable.  The cost varies from Rs 6,500.00 to Rs 27,616.62. 

How It Works – To Make Your Breast Milk Earring 

Choose Your Design. 




Give Your Breastmilk Kit.

Treasure Your Breastmilk Jewelry.


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