Mothers Milk Jewellery, Type Of  Breastmilk Jewellery Can You Keep In Your Loved One’s Memories and Some of the varieties.

Breast Milk Pendant 

The journey of warmth feeling and preserving the memories of your little one within your arms adorned with the best mothers milk Jewellery – A precious & valuable breast milk pendant at La Memoire. 

What Is Mothers Milk Jewellery?

Mother’s milk Jewellery is also called Breastmilk jewellery.  We can say this is bonding or baby keepsake valuable ornaments.

Breast milk jewellery Online epitomises or reflects the journey of a woman being a mother and feeding her child affectionately.

Why Do You Need Breastmilk Jewellery?

What Type Of Breastmilk Jewellery Can You Keep In Your Loved One’s Memories? 

You can keep your loved one too near to your arms when you adorn with mothers milk Jewellery.  

Some Products with Breast Milk Jewellery Price at La Memoire:

Necklace Pendant: –  La Memoire has a wide range of breast milk pendants as per the choice and desire you can buy.

You can choose a dew drop pendant that ranges between ₹5,500.00  to ₹16,308.31. Flying Butterfly Pendant with A Hanging Bm Full Pearl that ranges between ₹4,700.00 to ₹27,616.62 

Hoops Earrings – ₹6,500.00 – ₹30,208.10 

Some of the varieties are: – 

Start Stud Earrings – ₹6,500.00 – ₹27,616.62 

Round Half BM Pearl Earrings –  ₹6,500.00 – ₹21,962.46 

Rings: –

This piece of ornament when you wear it on your finger!!  It gives an aesthetic feeling of close bonding between you and your baby, which provides a warm feeling.


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