Wanna Know Why It’s Called As An Artefact? and A Lock Of Hair And A Piece Of Umbilical Cord? 

Gold Breast Milk Jewellery 

Whoever visits this site you must be a jewellery admirer, by now you are wondering what Gold Breast Milk Jewellery is and who is producing it.

Wanna Know Why It’s Called As An Artefact?

Every jewellery is an Artefact because it’s like a never ending story or never ending desire.

What Is Breast Milk Jewellery? 

Breast milk jewellery (Commonwealth English) is jewellery made from expressed breast milk as a keepsake, often worn by the mother.

Delicate strands of baby hair along with preserved umbilical cord fragments can make a stunning addition to your La Memoire pearls.

A Lock Of Hair And A Piece Of Umbilical Cord?

What Is Gold Breast Milk Jewellery? 

A new baby is the beginning of all things like hope, dreams, and miracles and it is absolutely the most beautiful feeling in the world.  

Wonderful Products And Services:

Perfect Pearl - Pearls with an even structure and intense lustre, as no additional polishing or varnishing is required.

Flawless Designs:

You can be assured that their advanced processing technology makes pearls free from air bubbles and discoloration. 

Quality Materials:

Create jewellery from real gold or sterling silver, your choice of 24k gold, silver or gold plated from them with love immediately after selection.

Personalised With Precision And Care:

La Memoire creates its jewellery by combining remarkable craftsmanship with modern technology.  




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