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We at La Memoire, design each of your precious jewels and keepsakes with love. Our ethnic designs will fascinate you from the others which makes us unique as we adopt the quality standards which help you meet your needs beyond expectations. Why Choose Us,

1.Fake Breast Milk

We have found that few makers use coloured dyes instead of using the real breastmilk which is a scam. At La Memoire, we have engaged a chemist to make sure to formulate the best proprietary breast milk preservation method so that you will not get any rot or decay in your breastmilk keepsake over the time.

We don’t encourage you to craft your own breastmilk keepsake by DIY method because it can have signs of decay within a couple of weeks or months. Instead, to authenticate our products, we conduct workshops where mothers can make their own keepsake by visually witnessing us if we are using our own breastmilk in the keepsake making. Why Choose Us

2. 100% Guaranteed Product 

We ensure that each masterpiece of jewellery is exclusively designed by us is100% waterproof where it can combat accidents and rough weather. Also, we never encourage working with ashes inclusions because it is impossible for us to prevent the cross contamination compared with our non-ashes’ keepsakes like the breast milk keepsakes.

Moreover, the DNA treasures can be kept safe and secure, which gives you a peace of mind over tarnish or allergies!Why Choose Us,

3. Customized Charm Cores 

You must be aware that we do not purchase charm cores from other open sources because they have a high tendency of tarnish. You can also experience it by rubbing it against your bracelet or bangle because despite their standard stamps and silver concentration, it can drop off the quantity being hollow on the inside.

But at La Memoire, we ensure that our quality will make your jewellery bigger, shinier and heavier which can prevent it from tarnishing or dropping off easily. We aid you by customizing your jewellery with 3 different variations, silver, gold and silver gold.Why Choose Us,

4. Warranty Period  

We help you with a one-year warranty against breastmilk discolouration especially for any decay due to improper preservation. We never use any epoxy resins which appear yellowish naturally as it will also continue to discolour naturally with frequent wear or exposure to UV rays. You can contact us if you are unhappy with your item.

5. Unique Formulation 

At La Memoire, we adopt an extraordinary method of breastmilk preservation by combining it with a unique nature of sticking to our resin formula, and our mission is to make sure your keepsakes are handcrafted and cherished in such a way to stand the test of time.  

6. Jewellery Hardware Materials

Our pricing reflects the different types of materials we have used to ensure that before purchasing you make an informed decision. We provide a wide range of quality products with an affordable pricing using different materials which helps you cater a wide range of tastes and preferences.Why Choose Us,

Beware of fake keepsake makers who exclaim that their jewellery will stay like this forever because even the purest gold will tarnish in contact with chemicals, chlorine or salt water. You are advised to follow the jewellery care instructions which are mentioned in our warranty card carefully and maintain it in a good way.Why Choose Us,

7. Advanced tools   

We at La Memoire, invest in a variety of equipment to eliminate air bubbles, preserve your breast milk without discoloration and polish your finished product by understanding the importance that even one extra process skipped would make every drop of liquid gold count.Why Choose Us,

8.  Breast Milk Preservation Techniques 

Our chemist is engaged with us to create a breastmilk preservation technique to ensure that your product will not decay and your precious keepsake will last over time. This technique will ensure you that your jewellery will become a stable chemical compound where we can use both fresh and expired breastmilk in a unique way.

9. Glitters, Shimmers and Flakes 

We have glitters, flakes and shimmers that are either hand cut and/or mixed for a proper blend of colours making your jewel more attractive. Why Choose Us

10. 18k Gold  

Gold is an inert element and by nature it does not react to the other elements which can be a huge advantage over other jewellery making materials like the silver and silver gold. 18k gold is an alloy which includes 75% gold and 25% other metals.

This is considered as the highest concentration of gold which can be hard enough to hold the breast milk jewel and diamonds. You can use it widely for special festive or occasion’s purposes like wedding bands, engagement rings, and etc.
            We are pretty sure that there is a 1% chance of oxidation which is likely to occur on the surface of the 18k gold. And when we use a solid metal and not its coating, you can polish it using any dry jewellery cloth. 

11.  Refund Policy 

La Memoire is one among the rare few keepsake makers where full refunds for genuine cases of defects and cases is made possible if we don’t meet your expectations. Why Choose Us

We follow the ethical standards in providing full refunds if you are not happy with your jewellery or keepsakes. If there are minute defects, we will remake it unless you are satisfied with your item. 

12. Waiting Period

We understand that waiting for a longer period can be daunting for some mummies. Keepsake making is a very delicate process where different makers have a different waiting period, which can last for months or longer.

At La Memoire we do our best to reduce the waiting period and make sure to deliver your products within 30 days of time from the date of receiving your inclusion. We take privilege in letting you know that 98% of our products were made within this timeline till date, and we hope to maintain it in the future endeavours. Why Choose Us,

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